About Us

Telangana State is born after decades’ long struggles and millions of aspirations of people of the region. Interestingly, the 29th State of India, however, is second to none in any other existing states in the country. With centuries- long history, heritage, literature, culture, economy and politics of its own, Telangana has a lot to share with the world.

Around four and a half crore population of Telangana State need a new voice and new idiom to speak up. There is a need for its own media, in tune with the emerging requirements of the State. There are a few newspapers and other media from Telangana, still many more authentic voices are needed to meet the challenge. “Mana Telangana” Telugu daily newspaper will fill the gap.

Coming from those who sincerely believe that freedom of press is a true instrument to empower people’s freedom of expression, Mana Telangana daily will meet the expectations of youthful readership of the new state. Here, news is not only a tool to reach the common man, but also a means to enlighten him in every manner.

Besides having every aspect of news and features that are currently available in the existing daily newspapers, Mana Telangana will have something more to satisfy the changing tastes of modern readers. Able team of senior journalists and a strong army of reporting network across the 10 districts of the State will make your every morning a new experience.