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Corona virus change 198 types in India

Cartoon 04-06-2020

Corona virus spread on police

Cartoon 01-06-2020

Fifth Lockdown hand over by Corona virus

Cartoon 31-05-2020

Politicians not help to poor people without Elections

Cartoon 30-05-2020

Temparature increased at Lockdown timings

Cartoon 27-05-2020

Memory wears a mask to forget things

Cartoon 24-05-2020

Cinema shooting start in tollywood

Cartoon 23-05-2020

People not went out side with corona and Sunny

Cartoon 22-05-2020

India corona cases reached one Lakh

Cartoon 20-05-2020

Nirmala give money poor families pockets

Cartoon 17-05-2020

20 Lakhs crore foot walking by poor family

Cartoon 16-05-2020

corona virus

Cartoon 13-05-2020

Trains are running tomorrow for corona virus

Cartoon 12-05-2020

India people should dating for corona virus

Cartoon 11-05-2020

Coroan virus vaccine is rumors

Cartoon 10-05-2020

Hair increased with corona virus in India

Cartoon 08-05-2020

More corona positive cases in mens

Cartoon 07-05-2020

Cartoon 05-05-2020


Cartoon 02-05-2020


Cartoon 29-04-2020

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